About Us

about vanbrakeladventures

The Director

Chris Van Brakel started Van Brakel Adventures at the beginning of 2015. His dream is to share his passion and let everybody experience the beauty of Africa.

Chris grew up in the small town of Bethal. After school he studied Nature Conservation and management in the big city. Soon after that he got involved in the world of Touring and Mobile Safaris and just fell in love with the life style. He has been involved in the tourism industry for about 10 years.

He now specializes in running safaris through all of Southern Africa, and has great activities available to experience in the Johannesburg area.

For more info on this fine gentleman you need to sit around a camp fire with him.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to achieve an excellent level of satisfaction in our tourists, while we let them experience and learn about the true beauty of Africa. From the majestic elephant to the stealth of the leopard. Experiencing the roar of the lion vibrating through your body, and to cultivate an appreciation of all wildlife, big and small. We want you to remember Africa, its mysterious mountains, gracious waterfalls and its breath taking views for the rest of your life.

Please contact Chris for more information :

Cell: +27 (82) 355 2420

Email: chrisvanbrakeladventures.co.za